Poems written by school children from Haringey and Cumbria

I Soar

I soar, I duck, I dodge.

My mission is so simple:

Reach the warmth, the food

Follow the stars, follow the sky

Reach the place where the rich food lies

Use the power in my wings

The wind is strong 

But so am I


by Esther Kent


If I Was A Bird

If I was a bird I would see the world

In a new light

A new perspective.

All the millions of problems and arguments would mean nothing to me.

I would be free of the greedy, the selfish and the liars.

I would have the whole world to explore, to myself

If I was a bird


by Robert Ibarra 

If I Had Wings

When the wind came I took to my wings I flew quite unsteadily at first
But it was worth it.

Soaring through the sky
The freedom of being so high When I let loose and flew

Flight was my destiny
in the atmosphere full of danger – But the view!

I wish I could go again… If I had wings
If I had wings


by Noah Max

Set Your Path Through The Sky

Set your path through the sky

Just keep on flying up so high

Small bird, don’t give up

Keep on flying so you don’t drop

Keep on flying through the air

Just don’t have a single care

You may be so very small

Just don’t give up so you don’t fall


by Jason Small

Little Bird

A little bird

Flew a distance that no-one else could reach.

What a miracle.

A small thing is not weak

This is evidence and you say:

How far did it fly?

It flew over the ocean

Past Greenland

And to the Caribbean

And not only that

It flew into the wind

With no difficulty

What a miracle


by Hafsa Ahmed 

Red Necked Phalarope

This is the story of a little bird,

It flew much further than I had heard

It took flight from the safety of an experts hand

It flew from land to land to land

No-one realised how far it flew

Until they discovered it’s journey to Peru

It did not travel by plane or boat

It flew by itself with its russet red throat.


by Maya Brown


I created a nest like a puzzle

Shadows are creeping over the land

My egg hatched into fragments of shell

Will I miss the cosy nest?

Will this place change while I’m away?

Will I ever come back?


by Liv Goldreich


That uplifting moment



When you rise up and up and up

When the wind takes control



by Talia Hendry 

One Little Bird in a Big Storm

One little bird, one wonderful bird,
Is more than just a song.
For storms have occurred—another can be heard.
A hazardous, dangerous tropical storm.

Flying high in the sky,
This bird is well equipped,
For a storm is heading and while they fly,
It gradually slides into you, my bird.

Crash! Thunder, lightning, a tropical storm.
Violent, ferocious, world – crushing beast!
One fragile bird, one tiny dot,
Tossed, turned, thrashed, feathers blown, bones crushed!

Fly little bird, be brave, be strong!
 Gather your courage, have faith in your heart.
Battle the monster and fight to the end!
The song in your heart sings stronger than wind screams.

One small bird in a terrible storm,
Will one small bird survive?


by Seamus Barker, Yanwath School

Born To Fly

We were born to fly
Up in the real-high sky,
To sing with you,
To dance in the stars
And fly away with you,
Over the seas and the mountains.
We fly to the city that never sleeps,
Over more mountains we travel.
We swim to meet with our family,
Back in Peru.
Over seas and mountains we’ve flown
To end up back home.

Dominic Horribin, Age 10
Armathwaite School


Flying is fast;
Flying is fun;
Flying is swooping up right to the sun!

Flying is joy,
It takes away your frown;
Flying is great, but don’t look down!

Flying is cool; flying is free;
Flying is adventure for you and me!

So if you really want to fly,
Then FLY!

Keira Walker, Age 10 and Tyan Isles, Age 9
Armathwaite School

Red-necked Phalarope

Lobed toes to help you swim
And make whirlpools in the waves.
Just 20 days from an olive-buff egg
‘Til you can spread your wings and fly.
With your grey, chestnut, black and white feathers,
You like to migrate to tropical weathers

Kara Tallentire, Age 9
Armathwaite School